What is Sessions at the Loft?

Sessions at the Loft, or “The Loft” as we fondly call it, is a unique, creative media space in Old Town Camarillo where visual or performance art of all kinds can be shared and enjoyed. At the Loft, musicians, performers, and artists can create, record, rehearse, video stream, and perform in a beautiful and comfortable setting.  The space is ideal as a gallery for studio artists, a production and recording studio for musicians and singers, and a screening room for premiers and video presentation. The Loft can serve as a lovely meeting space, a seminar and event space for business gatherings or as a place where new works of script-writers or poets can be presented for an intimate audience.  The array of creative opportunities our space offers is extensive.

The space itself

When you walk into our intimate and warm space, you’ll find a professional gallery along-side our modern-style living room setting. We are fully furnished with high-end equipment for audio and video recording, production and presentation.  The Loft’s room set-up is completely customizable and fully functional for any creative endeavor, with backdrops from a plush theater possibility to a brick and iron, loft look.  Versatile, eclectic and flexible, Sessions At The Loft is unlike any other creative space you’ll find in Los Angeles or Ventura County. We welcome you to come visit our “creative refuge” and realize the possibilities it offers you. 



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