Brad Fiedel’s musical score for The Terminator won international acclaim. His one-man musical “Borrowed Time” tells the story of his unexpected journey from radical 60’s singer/songwriter to successful Hollywood composer. It’s the inspiring, poignant and funny tale of an artist haunted by a youthful dream he finally reclaims.

Performances-Friday, August 22nd and Saturday, August 23rd

This is a wonderful opportunity to experience this moving show in a beautiful, intimate setting.

Written and performed by Fiedel, Borrowed Time features songs he wrote from the age of 15 to 50.  Fiedel’s story begins with a colorful childhood in his parents’ school for the arts and continues through his coming of age in the turbulent 1960’s. During his late teens and early twenties he performs around the country and dreams of changing the world with his songs.  He scores his first film in his mid twenties and leaves his youthful dream behind as he heads for Hollywood. After twenty-five years in ‘lotus land’, he changes course.  Fiedel’s musical adventure is sure to leave audiences humming and hopeful.

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