The Brad Dutz 4tet: Celebrated for bringing an airy, bright, thoroughly original instrumental palette to its blend of 21st-century acoustic chamber music, improvisation and free jazz. 


The Brad Dutz 4tet first formed in 2005 for REDCAT’s EARJAM festival and has spent the last several years creating a unique sound that blends techniques and improvisation strategies from both the jazz and classical worlds, The 4tet features Dutz on marimba, vibes and hand percussion, Brian Walsh on clarinet and bass clarinet, Paul Sherman on oboe and English horn, and Chris Votek on cello. Their precise, yet fluid contrapuntal work conjures a vibrant sound like no other. “The unique chamber sound conjures the natural movement of the mind’s eye…replace[s] whimsy with a very heady listening experience. 

Background on Brad Dutz:

Throughout his career, Brad Dutz has contributed percussion to over 320 studio sessions, and soundtracks for movies and television including Star Trek: The Next Generation, Family Guy, American Dad, and Hairspray, as well as recording over a dozen CDs of his own. He was a member of the R&B group The Gap Band and toured with Maynard Ferguson, and has performed with Rickie Lee Jones, Alanis Morrisette, Willie Nelson and Kiss, David Benoit, Vinnie Golia, Jeff Kaiser and Alex Cline, among others. Dutz has taught hand percussion at California State University, Long Beach since 1997.




Chris Votek – Cello


Paul Sherman – Oboe & English Horn


Brian Walsh – Bass Clarient


Brad Dutz – Marimba, Vibes & Hand Percussion




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